Geo restrictions on internet TV

Its time content owners woke up to bit-torrent. People are torrenting their way out of Hulu’s restrictions. With tools like Miro and now TVTrigger it makes little sense. I am aware of content syndication deals that make content owners money for overseas rights….but they could make much more money by opening up their content to hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe.
We know that internet video CPMs are much higher. CPMs like $75 and most recently $50 for Wall St. Journal can only mean more money.
I dont get to see most of these shows on HULU and BBC on TV here and that would only imply that the TV networks here dont have content deals for those shows. Hence no money to the content owners. However if I could watch these shows on Hulu the ads would pay the content owners.
Remember that most satellite TV networks have limited bandwidth for content. The carriage fee would not justify the ROI to cater to niche audiences. Hence they wouldn’t bother to do a deal for much of Hulu content in places like India and Russia. However there is a niche audience for these shows there. This is where the power of the internet can be leveraged. Tap the long tail to make your millions!


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