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May 18, 2010

The Google TV set top

The latest news from SlashGear is that the Google TV set top box will be something that will be daisy chained to the existing cable/satellite set top and not replace it. This is something we have considered before and has a lot of potential.

My guess is that internet content will be overlayed on top of existing cable TV content. Also, the UI will be a lot cooler since this box will now be the master control.
Based on the service provider the program guide information can be read from the from the internet directly.
This, combined with internet TV middleware can be used to provide additional information on the programs on TV like interviews with actors, similar shows, photos etc. that are available online, on demand.
It will also give the user easy access to other online video not available on cable/satellite TV including YouTube videos

However the biggest benefit is to Google and the cable companies (assuming Google shares info with them) who now have access to information on which show was watched by which household and when. The holy grail of TV ratings & advertising- real time, legitimate statistics. This can have a huge impact on their programming schedules, budgets as well as targeted advertising. I believe for Google and the rest of this partnership  this is the perfect way to enter the living room where most advertising dollars are spent anyway.

Smart move by Google and team. Time will tell if they can pull it off. Will consumers want to spend $300 on yet another box in the already cluttered living room? We’ll know soon enough.

Stay tuned….