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December 30, 2011

In-home wireless music streaming

My friends and I share a similar taste in music. That’s a problem. Especially come New Year’s eve. The reason is they all come armed with their iPods to DJ. There is invariably a race to pick the seat next to the iPod connected to the stereo, so each one can swap his iPod in and DJ…only till the seat is usurped during a break.

This year I decided to set up a system to beam music wirelessly so there are no more scuffles for the seat.

So here is what I had at home:

–       A Macbook Air (MBA)

–      WiFi router

–       An Apple TV

–       A regular stereo system

–       An LCD TV

–       An iPad

–       USB hard disk drive with my music

Neither my MBA nor my iPad had enough storage to hold my music. So it had to be an external drive.

So here’s what I did:

  1. Connected my external drive to my Macbook Air.
  2. Pointed iTunes on the Mac to the external hard drive (I preferred floola in the past)
  3. Enabled home sharing on my Mac
  4. Turned on my Apple TV connected to the TV. Enabled Airplay.
  5. On the iPad too I enabled home sharing though I am not sure this is required
  6. Connected the TV audio-out to my audio system. Couldn’t connect the optical out of the Apple TV as my stereo doesn’t support an optical input. The Apple TV is connected to TV via HDMI.
  7. Now turned the stereo on
  8. Voila! My iPad listed my entire library from my hard disk via my Mac. I airplayed songs via my iPad on to apple TV which in turn sent it to the TV and in turn sent it to the audio system.
  9. Complex but plays nice. Can’t complain about audio quality.

Only one problem though…it takes 5 seconds to switch songs. Bummer! But I wont let it dampen my excitement this New Year!

Happy New Year!

Update: I used the iPad only to search and airplay music videos from YouTube but used the iTunes playlists accessible from the apple TV most of the time. No time lag to switch songs.