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January 28, 2010

iPad: disappointing

The iPhone was ground breaking. The iPad not so. I was always convinced that the iPad would not be as ground breaking as the iPhone. And even if it was, others would quickly catch up. No OEM was going to be caught sleeping on this one. Job’s claims netbooks are cheap notebooks. Maybe. But this is an expensive iPhone. The only thing nice about the iPad is that it is thin. But from what I read on engadget it isn’t even light.

The UI – Apple’s forte is not very ground breaking. Everything that you see here can be built on an Android device too.

Speaking of that, whats the deal with the lack of Flash support. If anyone noticed, when Job’s was demonstrating the browser…I think it was Time or NYT there was a missing plug-in. When 75% of internet videos are flash based, why go out of your way to un-support it. So, with the iPad you are pretty much restricted to YouTube streaming. No Hulu. I was smiling to myself when Job’s played a YouTube video – A dog surfing….in HD!! I mean what more could you ask for? That’s exactly the reason I want an iPad – to watch dogs on skateboards!!!

The TFT while supposedly brilliant is not the best for reading books. It is backlit. It may look pretty but its no e-book, especially if you are a serious reader. It will be a strain on your eyes.

No multitasking yet again…the Android folks must be thrilled.

What’s with the pricing? $700? Ridiculous if you ask me. An atom (1.6GHz) + ion netbook with full HD and graphics support is available for $350. $200 MIDs based on NVIDIA’s Tegra or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon with flash support would compete directly with the iPad

There are a lot of tablets in the pipeline from many OEMs. I was looking for the perfect one. I thought Apple would be the first one to get it right. Unfortunately they have got a lot of things wrong this time. I suspect there will be several new tablets that will be better and cheaper than the iPad. I for one would prefer to buy one of those than the iPad. But then I am not one for brands…so who knows, the iPad may still be very successful.